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Mendelssohn - Hebrides Overture (Fingal’s Cave) 

Classical piece a day

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Behind the scenes of a pipe organ. Although most people, if they think about it at all, assume that the keys are linked directly to the pipes, and that pressing a key lets compressed air flow from a reservoir, through the appropriate pipe in order to sound the note, this is simply not the case. The keys actually send messages to the person sat behind the pipes (in this case, Mary Jones, 24, of Oklahoma), telling her which pipes to blow through. The compressed air actually runs the system of pneumatic tubes which deliver the messages to Mary. The official job title associated with the position is Organ Operator, although the keyboard players used to refer to it as “The Blow Job”. It was agreed by most organ keyboardists that Barry Chuffworth (1914-1989) gave the best Blow Jobs. However, so little is known about music these days that I’d you ask any five schoolboys who gives the best Blow Jobs, they will likely all agree that it’s your mum.

I am so ashamed I didn’t write this.
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this is adorable
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Haydn - Symphony No. 22 “The Philosopher”

Instead of 2 oboes, this symphony has 2 english horns. Which is pretty rad.

Classical piece a day